This video is presented by Charity Crossing, a non-profit charity organization whose mission is to identify and successfully execute meaningful initiatives that benefit the community and Mother Nature.

During the months of July and August Charity Crossing, at various locations such as Rose Hill Community Center, Hicks Center, and others, gave away school supplies for the upcoming 2021-2022 school year. Charity Crossing gave away backpacks, pencil pouches, pencils, markers, and other essential supplies that would aid students throughout the year. As I was in attendance for these events I can say with absolute confidence that the event was a complete success. We had many families in attendance who grabbed all the school supplies they needed and then some. The photos you are currently viewing are Charity Crossing members and youth leaders all putting in the effort to make the school Supply Drive occur, from opening the boxes to sort the school supplies that were inside, to then grabbing all the supplies from our warehouse and moving them to the various locations to donate. The reason the event had many people from the community coming to get school supplies is once again thanks to the efforts of our Charity Crossing volunteers, a few select volunteers from our “Digital Communications group” made these flyers which then our volunteers went around to business and other areas posting these flyers, the flyers and photos of our volunteers posting the flyers can be seen in the video you are currently watching.