On December 1st, Charity Crossing received the honorable and prestigious Governor’s Service Award, which commends individuals and volunteer organizations for contributing to making the community a better place. The event was an incredible experience, allowing us to meet people who have made incredible achievements in volunteering and who work hard to instill volunteerism in those around them.

What do our volunteers and nominator say about Charity Crossing?

Lieutenant Governor Bethany Hall-Long

“Volunteers are critical to the well-being of our state. Thousands of Delawareans wake up every day and donate their time to help better their communities.
I congratulate Charity Crossing and all its volunteers on being 2022 honorees.
The Governor’s Outstanding Volunteer Service Award recipients go above and beyond in their community service. The award is our way of saying thank you [volunteers] and raising awareness of all the great work you [volunteers] do but never claim credit for.”

Tina Gary – With more than 50,000 hours of service, Charity Crossing has helped people in underserved communities struggling with poor nutrition by providing them with nourishing meals, canned goods, and non-perishable items. They empower the economically challenged by identifying and successfully executing meaningful initiatives that benefit the community. The group’s endeavors include accepting returned, off-season, and unsold merchandise from retailers and finding new homes for these items. In the last 6 years, they distributed 2.5 million worth of donations to the community. Other initiatives include 5K walks, blood donation drives, candy drives, holiday drives, hygiene drives, school supply drives, sock drives, and disaster relief.

David Tackett – “Efforts in the community headed by Charity Crossing are a wave of donations and earnest giving that we have not seen before. This organization is led completely by volunteers, with a board of 100% volunteers. This is something extremely special, and that is why I believe in them so much,”

Gifty Boateng – “Being at this event has been a wonderful experience and is a meaningful achievement for the CC community. It ensures that the hours we put into volunteering, the countless donations we make, and the thousands of smiles we put on peoples’ faces are recognized and give our volunteers energy and encouragement to continue working hard.”
Gopi Srini – “The event was great, as many different volunteers and groups were awarded for their amazing contributions to the community. I saw someone who got a Lifetime Service award, who spent over 50 years helping the community, and countless others who truly impacted the people around them. The event itself was very nice, with great food and decorations, and allowed us to meet a wide variety of people, giving us a bigger perspective and appreciation of the volunteers in the community. This event appreciated our hard work and encouraged us to keep volunteering and impacting the community.
Veni Jayakumar – “We had a great time, and the event will be a memorable experience. It was an amazing recognition from the state’s top leadership, including the Governor, Lieutenant Governor, and other important memoirs of Delaware’s Government. Thank you for joining us on this journey for the past seven years, and we are looking forward to continuing the great work for the decades to come.”
Sumalata Gudipati – “I’m very happy and thankful to be a part of Charity Crossing, as it allows me to help the community and make a difference. Serving the people motivates me, and it’s great to serve the people, and it motivates my family and me to do more and more service to Charity Crossing, and I’m thankful to Charity Crossing for being a part of this.”
Ininder Parmar – “We had a good time today. I was really happy to see how other organizations contribute to the community and how big of an impact Charity Crossing has on society. We are now recognized in Delaware and Tri-states, which is a remarkable achievement for us.”
Vaishali Ameen – “Every day is new, and we make many faces happy no matter what challenges we face. We see kids coming around smiling, which makes us happier to serve the community.”
Jay Muthukamatchi – ‘The volunteers at Charity Crossing, have kind hearts. They go to great lengths to help our community. CC volunteers hold themselves to high standards and excel in volunteering.”