Charity Crossing is a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit organization created during the Summer of 2015 by a group of volunteers to “Share and Care” for the people in our community.

CC’s mission is to identify and successfully execute meaningful initiatives that benefits the community and Mother Nature.

One of CC’s signature initiatives is finding new homes for gently used clothes and household items.  Through this initiative,  in less than 5 years, CC has collected and found new homes for more than 250,000 gently used clothes and household items.  In addition, CC has partnered with major retailers to redistribute unsold merchandise that otherwise would have gone to landfills.  Just in the past 6 months, CC has received nearly 100 pallets of donation from retailers, which it successfully redistributed to the community members.

CC’s other initiatives include the 5K Walk for Autism, blood donation drive, candy drive, holiday drive, hygiene drive, school supplies drive, and disaster relief and rehabilitation.

To date, we have helped at least 75,000 people.  Our community service footprint reach includes the State of Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and internationally India.

Also, please watch highlights of 5 years of Charity Crossing community work.


According to the US Department of Housing and Urban Development’s Annual Homeless Assessment Report, as of 2018 there were around 553,000 homeless people in the United States on a given night, or 0.17% of the population.

Charity Crossing has a variety of ways to get involved and have fun uplifting your community. You can join in as a volunteer for a particular cause that means something special to you. Or, you can join a number of causes and help as much as possible. Your level of involvement is totally up to you!

Below you will find links to contact Charity Crossing with your interest in volunteering and a brief descriptions of the roles available. Please feel free to sign up for more than one and tell us how you would like to contribute!