Heatwave….what heatwave, more like Volunteer Wave!

Due to July 4 and Prime Day breaks, our supply of donations was disrupted. We were worried whether we would have enough donations for the upcoming services. Our donors responded and had two full loads of donations ready for us. Doing two loads in a single day is not easy as we don’t have any proper equipment at the Warehouse, so each pallet has to be unpacked and each box lifted and stored.  A call to all CC volunteers to help was made, and in less than 2 hrs, all slots across 2 shifts were filled up on Friday, despite everyone knowing how hot it’s going to be. 
In less than 5 hours today, the job was done! 48+ Pallets and 960+ boxes were unloaded and stored in the CC WH. And while they were waiting for the 2nd load to arrive, they did sorting of the donations too!

Thank you, CC Volunteers, for making today possible, you all are Charity Crossing superheroes! Varsha Danduri, Aanish Danduri, Srinivasa Rao Danduri Rohit Karthik, Akash Kathiravan, Saatvik Kumar , Aayush Lad, Suhaas Linga, Tyler Malazarte, Sakthi Raghu, Yogasiddhish Satishkumar, Siddharth Sharma, Anirudh Singh, Haripriya Burri, Jeshen KannanNidhi Sharma, Pearl Sharma, Janya Sivakumar, Rujul Sivakumar, Sivakumar Valagurusamy and Baranidharan Radhakrishnan

Special thanks to CC Volunteers who did double shift, Suhaas Linga, Aayush Lad, Aanish Danduri, Srinivasa Rao Danduri, Anirudh Singh, Aakash Khatriban, Tyler Malazarte, Saatvik Kumar and Siddharth Sharma, your commitment to the Charity Crossing cause is inspiring.

Thank you to Rohan, who drove the truck, delivered, and helped unload the donations. He is covering for Babs, who, even though he has fractured his foot came over to say hello and make sure everything was going OK! Get well soon Babs!

Dear Sakthi Raghu provided the icing on the cake, through his thoughtful and kind gesture of bringing everyone a delicious chocolate cake !

For building the capability to unload and store more donations so that we can do more for the community, the Charity Crossing warehouse team needs donations of warehouse equipment like pallet lift stackers, roller tables, and pallet racks. Please DM me if you can help. Thank you!