We had a phenomenal serve yesterday at the International Food Festival. Thank you, Santos Angeles / St. John the Baptist-Holy Angels Parish, for inviting us to be part of the festivities!! We had an absolute blast!!!

I continue to be blown away by the level of commitment of the Charity Crossing volunteers. We had so many serve a very long day yesterday AFTER already serving long hours the days prior at other giveaway events AND at the warehouse to load and unload donations. What blows my mind is that most volunteers do multiple serves a week, REGULARLY on top of their regular 9-5 jobs. Pure discipline and commitment. 🙌🏽

One cannot understand how exhausting these events are until they have experienced them. It is non-stop go and at times stressful, and it’s all for perfect strangers. So, next time you come out to experience this wonderful blessing, please be kind to our volunteers and HELP them by listening or lending a hand when you can. The simplest thing one could do is reassure them that what they are doing IS MAKING a DIFFERENCE by saying thank you and smiling at them.

We had more than 800+ individuals be blessed yesterday! 👏🏽 👏🏽 👏🏽 Gifted items included packs of batteries, car canopies, clothing, toys, food, cosmetics, household items, pet supplies, and party supplies. Thank you to our donors, such as Amazon and Walmart, for your generosity. HUGE shout out to the warehouse teams for putting in so many extra houses this week to ensure we had enough gifts to distribute at 3 LARGE events this weekend.

Thank you, Charity Crossing volunteers who came out and joined for this month’s Sorteo Comunidad de Charity Crossing!! Thank you, Adil Ameen, Vaishali Ameen (Aliya Ameen), Iqra Ameen, Guadalupe Murphy, Suhani Nangia, Abhijeet Parmar, Abhinav Parmar, Ininder Parmar, Alekhya Veeramachineni, & Sudha Veeramachineni!!!

Thank you to the incredible senior volunteer from Volunteer Delaware 50+ and The Journey church. Thank you, Castillo Collision Center, for donating the truck, time, and snacks for the volunteers!!!

We cannot wait to see new faces next month! It’s HISPANIC HERITAGE MONTH, so you know it will be a party!!!!