On Tuesday, May 28, 2024, Charity Crossing ‘s very own Volunteer Manager and superwoman Vaishali (Aliya) Ameen received the 2024 She’s on Her Way award for her contributions and dedication to community service in Delaware. Here is what she had to say

Delighted to be honored with the 2024 ‘She’s on Her Way’ award by Delaware Office of Women’s Advancement & Advocacy and Delaware Commission! It’s an immense privilege to be acknowledged for the impact of my community service as a volunteer manager at Charity Crossing. My hope is that this award serves as a source of inspiration for other young women volunteers within Charity Crossing and beyond, encouraging them to surpass boundaries in aiding the underserved community.
This recognition stands as a testament to the dedication and support of all those who have been part of this journey with me.
I extend heartfelt gratitude to my entire family,Faisal Ameen, Adil Ameen, and Iqra for their unwavering support, to Aarti Daga for introducing me to Charity Crossing, Jay Muthukamatchi and Veni Jayakumar the creators of the Charity Crossing organization, for giving me with the platform. Special thanks to the all CC board members, especially Mukul Sharma, for the nomination, Chandra Dontaraju Goldy Parmar and to all my fellow volunteering colleagues who share my passion for community service.
Thank you to Lt. Governor Bethany Hall-Long and Delaware Office of Women’s Advancement & Advocacy, for taking time to honor the young leaders , your presence and words were inspiring for all of us and eagerly anticipate continuing to make a positive impact in our community!