On Saturday, July 23, CC had its ninth quarterly blood donation drive at the Blood Bank of Delmarva. The event was a success, with 10 CC volunteers donating blood. Special mention to first-time donors Anitha Sakthi and Sakthi Raghu. Other points of note include this being Charity Crossing founder, Jay Muthukamatchi’s 12th time donating platelets, Veni Jaykumar’s 30th time donating whole blood, and Kirti Daga being the youngest donor.

Blood and platelets cannot be manufactured; they can only come from the volunteer donor. We are proud of Charity Crossing volunteers for donating blood. Every time they donate blood, they are saving at least three lives. In appreciation of their generosity, Jay Muthukamatchi will plant 30 fruit saplings (3 fruit saplings for each donor). Charity Crossing volunteers have donated 72 whole blood units, 16 double red cell units, 17 platelet units, and two plasma units. That’s 107 units that may have potentially saved up to 421 Lives.

Do you know, “every 2 seconds, someone in the US needs blood or platelets?” Do you know, “About one in seven people entering a hospital need blood?” Do you know, “a single car accident victim may need 100 units of blood? Please consider donating blood if possible and become someone’s hero👍