Hello everyone my name is Tanuj Dontaraju and I’m going to talk about Stocking for Soldiers. The pictures that you see right now are pictures from our great volunteers that had attended this year’s Stocking for Soldiers event. Stocking for soldiers is an organization that helps out the soldiers throughout the holiday season. Many different people from other organizations and schools also participate in this great event throughout the months of October and November. Each soldier got a stocking that was filled with various different items. Items such as candy, granola bars, toothbrushes, toothpaste, and other hygienic products were filled in there. To finish the stockings, a sock was placed on top of it, and a bag of marshmallows and ramen was given to them. Finally, a card thanking them for all they have done was also put on the card. Charity Crossing has been going to this event for over 3 years now and all the volunteers seem to enjoy it. This year we had over 30 Charity Crossing volunteers attending this event all through November.