Chandra Dontaraju is a Software engineer by profession working at JPMC. He has been living in Newark, DE, since 2004. He has a lovely family – wife Naini and son Tanuj.

He is passionate about helping the community, volunteering, and giving back to the less fortunate people. He volunteers actively at Charity Crossing and other nonprofit organizations in and around Delaware and across the globe. He has been volunteering at Charity Crossing since Feb 2021. In 2021, he led the Hick’s location and some special events. Currently, he is leading the William Hicks Anderson Community Center and serve every week and Open house at the same locations. He is one of the Co-leads for a Warehouse located in Newark, DE, overseeing the loading, sorting, unloading, and managing the inventory activities.

Charity Crossing started a new monthly service at “Glasgow” park in Newark, DE in which he is one of the leads, and CC is serving more than 300 families in this monthly service. Also, involved and continued in leading the other serve location serves like collaborating with the “Department of Justice” for their monthly serves, Herlihy serve location, and other serve as needed. Daily, he works closely with other leads to make the distribution process effective so that the donations reach the maximum number of less fortunate people.

He Volunteered 158 hours in 2021 and received the PVSA Bronze award.

Chandra said, “I am encouraging, inspiring, and instilling volunteerism in my son and many other young and adults.”