Vaishali Aliya Ameen is a Quality Assurance Specialist at a financial institution and a mother of two teenagers. She is an active leader and volunteer at Charity Crossing, a volunteer-run nonprofit that provides basic needs to economically disadvantaged members of our community.

Her husband and children are also active Charity Crossing volunteers. She has been in charge of Walmart donation pick-up and distribution since 2020. She has organized and conducted a few Charity Crossing special events, assisted the warehouse team with donation collection and sorting, established a few new distribution hubs, and led a weekly distribution program serving the Wilmington community. This volunteering takes place in local, diverse community places with groups of designated volunteers and all assigned responsibilities intended to help them understand how to serve the community or comfort themselves on any occasion.

n this organization, as a lead, she empowers volunteers to learn about the neighborhood, develop a sense of community, and demonstrate teamwork, leadership, communication, and management skills in volunteer-related situations.

Vaishali said, “Knowing I’ve positively impacted someone else’s life motivates me to continue volunteering. It brings happiness and warms my heart. The path I’ve been on over the past four years has significantly improved my outlook on life”.