Today’s #SuperheroSaturday Hidden Hero is Jay Muthukamatchi.
As the founder of Charity Crossing, Mr.Jayakumar Muthukamatchi has contributed more than 1500 hours of his time volunteering to help those in need. His nominator shared: “Jay has inspired my kids, my husband and me and many more individuals and families in Delaware to join his volunteering organization Charity Crossing where we realized that charity is not only giving money and things to the less-fortunate but also giving our time which is the most important part of the charity. Mr. Jayakumar Muthukamatchi a proud father of two daughters and a very busy computer engineer makes time to contribute his time to this community. I certainly think that he is a hidden hero.”

⁠In honor of his Superhero status, Jay will receive a certificate, and his very own Volunteer Delaware Superhero Cape. ⁠

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