Anything is possible if only we are willing to give our best.
Two years ago this time, Charity Crossing kicked off its first blood donation drive. A handful of people donated. Seeing the interest to donate, we switched the donation frequency to quarterly. Every quarter that count continued to increase. Our upcoming donation will happen from April 25th to April 30th. So far 16 donors have signed up to donate on April 30th.
Kudos to Aaratrika for leading the effort.  Kudos to Kirti Daga, our brave youth (youngest) donor. She is going to do it for the first time. So proud of you Kirti Daga.
You have the opportunity to save a life by donating blood or blood products this April!  If you would like to donate please use this link:
After donating please register your hero card and choose Charity Crossing as the organization