The pandemic has affected my learning experience because I have to zoom and share my Chromebook. I don’t like virtual school because I have to zoom, but I understand how important getting a good education is. I also hate it because my mouse always dies on me, and I have to use the keypad. It also is bad because learning from a computer is hard because I can barely hear my teacher talking because someone else is unmuted and it becomes glitchy. It also is bad because sometimes it kicks me off zoom, and I have to join back in. Also, it is a very hard experience because well when you’re trying to do your work but then someone unmutes and asks something it’s so hard to concentrate.

I get good grades in all my classes, but I wish school was like last year when all students went into school classrooms all week. I know we have to do virtual school because of the pandemic, and I do my best to get good grades on all my tests. I
am now in fourth grade and can join Band, but am sad because I can’t. The band was canceled because of the pandemic. The choir was canceled because of the pandemic. Cheerleading was canceled because of the pandemic. The library was canceled because of the pandemic. I am so sad but will do my best to get a good education with so many changes because of the pandemic.

I miss field trips so much. I miss playing on the spinner on the playground. I miss eating lunch with my friends.  I miss a lot of things. Even though I can’t do a lot of things at school like last year I can still learn and get my education by Zoom. These are the things that have affected my
learning during the pandemic, but we must be safe to be healthy.

I can’t believe I won! I am so excited! 
These were the words of Sophia upon hearing her writing was selected in your essay contest titled “How Has The Pandemic Affected My Learning”.
She was very excited, but also thankful to be awarded a laptop! Sophia is age nine and a fourth-grader. During this pandemic environment, Sophia is receiving her education via virtual learning. This laptop will assist greatly in her virtual learning lessons.
We are happy for Sophia to have this opportunity to be selected as an essay winner. We are very appreciative. Thank you and your organization (Charity Crossing).
Parent of Sophia
Anirudh Ganesan, Abhinav Ganesan, and Sai – Great work team. You guys are doing great as “Youth Leaders”.