Hi everyone! Congratulations on fundraising success. We raised over $127,332 in cash and in-kind donations.  We served more than 10,000 meals to those in need. Clearly, even a pandemic cannot stop us. We could not have done this without the hard work and support of our lovely volunteers, donors, and food vendors. Great job everyone! Please enjoy this video documenting all the amazing people who helped make this possible.

In addition,
1. We distributed 15,807 masks. We have planned to distribute 22,500 more masks this winter.
2. We distributed 600+ gallons of Hand Sanitizers
3. Two (2) Emergency food distribution completed. Six (6) more emergency food distribution planned

Charity Crossing thanks COVID-19 heroes, who risked their lives and continue to risk their lives to help fellow citizens during a difficult time.

CC is extremely happy and proud of all the Charity Crossing volunteers, donors, and sponsors for their unconditional support for Charity Crossing’s #NoOneHungry COVID-19 initiative.

Please watch this short video (2:55) that captured 100 days of our COVID-19 journey, which demonstrates CC’s powerful vision and mission: #ConnectShareCare.

Our work is not done yet. We are working with the Food Bank of Delaware to distribute at least 800 to 1,000 grocery boxes to the families in need.