Delaware Lt. Governor Bethany Hall-Long

Lt. Governor Bethany Hall-Long, Members of the General Assembly, Donate Delaware, PAM Health, Charity Crossing, and the Delaware Council on Faith Based Leadership Collect Essential Supplies to aid Ukraine

Donation Drive held at Legislative Hall packed several trucks with lifesaving items to aid Ukrainian civilians under attack from Russia’s brutal war of aggression

Dover, Del. – Lt. Governor Bethany Hall-Long was joined by Members of the General Assembly, Donate Delaware, PAM Health, Charity Crossing, and the Delaware Council on Faith Based Leadership on May 11th to support the brave people of Ukraine.

During the event at Legislative Hall, several trucks were filled with essential live-saving food and supplies, all of which will be shipped to the brave Ukrainians, whose homeland has been under attack by Russian forces.

“The brutal assault on Ukraine by Russian forces has left millions of Ukrainians displaced and in need of live-saving resources,” said Lt. Governor Hall-Long. “These brave people have suffered tremendous losses, and it is critical that we provide them with much needed supplies and support for assistance.”

Among the items collected were non-perishable foods, infant-care supplies, feminine hygiene products, medicines, and more. The event also allowed attendees the opportunity to show their support for the citizens of Ukraine. Members of Delaware’s diverse faith leader communities, including representatives from St. Nicholas Ukrainian Orthodox Church, offered prayers and support for the Ukrainian civilians and defenders, whose sacrifices continue to uplift the morale of the war-torn nation.

Donate Delaware’s guidance was instrumental in formulating this drive. “The Donate Delaware team would like to thank the Lt. Governor and General Assembly for donating to and bringing awareness to the Ukraine during these difficult times,” said Dave Tiberi, of Donate Delaware.

“Donate Delaware is pleased to support Ukrainian Donation Drive efforts in whatever way we can” said CEO Dr. Robert J Andrzejewski.  Dave Tiberi and our Donate Delaware network will continue to provide essential supplies for Ukrainians with help from our many partners across the State.”

PAM Health has been a leading force in Delaware’s efforts to support Ukraine “I, Dr. Kirill Alekseyev and PAM health team, would like to thank Lt. Governor Hall-Long and the General Assembly for organizing this amazing event,” said Dr. Alekseyev of PAM Health. “At sad and difficult times like this we all need to come together as human beings to help one another. We are all Ukrainian today because we are human, and war is the downfall of humankind. Slava Ukraini! Geroem Slava!”

Philanthropic organizations such as Charity Crossing have led the fight to get Ukrainians the supplies they desperately need. “This war, a manmade disaster, has been hurting children, women, men, and senior citizens,” said Jay Muthukamatchi, founder of Charity Crossing. “It is heartbreaking to see them getting hurt.  Charity Crossing is thankful for the opportunity to participate in this donation drive.”

Our state’s communities of faith, convening in the Delaware Council on Faith Based Partnerships, have provided critical resources for those in need. According to Rev. Dr. John G. Moore, Sr., Vice-Chair of the DCFBP and Pastor of the Dover Christian Church, “Our mission is to develop partnerships between faith-based groups and executive branch agencies, promote volunteerism and community service and provide a forum for exchange of ideas on improving delivery and efficiency of services in the community by encouraging innovation and sharing best practices. We realize that our inescapable network of mutuality creates a mindset that whenever there is injustice in one nation it has a global impact. And we must come at this time to pledge allegiance of our collective faith that peace will reign over chaos, love will conquer hatred and light will drive out darkness.”

Members of the General Assembly in attendance and offering remarks and support included Senator Nicole Poore, Senator Kyle Evans Gay and Senator David Lawson.

The supplies donated will help assist and provide comfort to the many civilians fleeing disaster in Ukraine. The support of Delawareans in this effort has been remarkable.