Dear Charity Crossing Family,

I would like to share an important event that my Charity organization(“Charity Crossing”) organized yesterday, March 5, 2022 “The Volunteer and Partner Appreciation Day event”. The Volunteers who were eligible for President’s Volunteer Service Award are honored with Gold, Silver and Bronze medals and Certificate from the President “Joe Biden” and Special certificate from Delaware Senator, Stephanie L. Hansen, 10th Senatorial District, and Nicole Poore, 12th Senatorial District., and top it up, an additional recognition and certificate from our Leadership Team of Charity Crossing, Jay Muthukamatchi, Founder & President, Charity Crossing and Veni Jayakumar, Board of Director, Charity Crossing. The Senators are kind enough to give extra special certificates and recognize the Volunteers who were not able to make up the hours to receive the PVSA award. No Volunteer is left out on the table in Charity Crossing.

The President’s Volunteer Service Award Ceremony – Charity Crossing, New Castle, Delaware – March 5, 2022 “Presidential Recognition For Volunteers”
The President’s Volunteer Service Award is an opportunity to honor the most outstanding volunteers and recognize the impact they make.

To earn the President Volunteer Service Award and Medal(PVSA) the volunteer has to put up for Gold(Adults 500+ hours, Young Adults 250+ hours, Teens 100+ hours, Kids 75+ hours), for Silver(Adults 250-499+ hours, Young Adults 175-249+ hours, Teens 75-99+ hours, Kids 50-74+ hours), for Bronze(Adults 100-249+ hours, Young Adults 100-174+ hours, Teens 50-74+ hours, Kids 25-49+ hours).

How did the Event go?… The event was graced by high-profile dignitaries…
1. Lt. Governor Bethany Hall-Long – Delaware(26th Lieutenant Governor of Delaware), the executive officer who is next in rank to Governor
2. Ellen Cooper – CEO-Elect (May 2022), Lincoln Financial Group, Radnor, Pennsylvania
3. Matthew Meyer, New Castle Council Executive, Delaware
4. Jay Muthukamatchi, Founder & President, Charity Crossing
5. Delaware Senator Stephanie Leigh Hansen – 10th Senatorial District, Delaware
6. Delaware Senator Nicole Poore – 12th Senatorial District, Delaware
7. Delaware State Representative, Larry Lambert – 7th District, Delaware
8. David L Tacket, New Castle County Councilman, Delaware
9. Captain John Treadwell – New Castle County Division of Police & Board of Director Charity Crossing
10. Bala Krishnaraj – Senior Vice President, Lincoln Financial Group & Board of Director Charity Crossing
First of all, my Heartfelt “Thanks” to Charity Crossing Team! It was a picture-perfect event., Very well organized. Beautiful hall, Awesome Table settings/decorations, Delicious food, the Co-ordination, the Program schedule is impeccable, the event flow was flawless, not able to realize still now that how the time flew that much quicker., Cool breathing space between the tables, not clustered, and the few Printed Pictures of the volunteers on each table is an amazing idea and the Booklet about the event on the table. is commendable., the Charity Crossing backdrop for portrait pictures was a pretty cool one, as one of our Team Lead Goldy Parmar rightly pointed out, sincere “Thanks” to all the Volunteer Committees,(Event Schedule, Food, Decorations, Backstage, Check-In, Photograph, Video, MC’s), you guys simply rocked it.,and the dignitaries who were present and graced the occasion are icing on the cake. The young kids on the stage who controlled the whole show, and took the stage on their control can challenge any professional event organizer any day any time, anywhere, they can give a run for their money. There are no words to say or express the feeling about the event, it was simply mind-blowing.
Last but not the least, “Kudos” to all the Volunteer of Charity Crossing who was there on the field serving all the time, “Rain or Shine”, “Heatwave or Chilly Weather”, “100 Degrees or -10 Degrees”, “Humid or Snow”, or “Weekday or Weekend”, the Charity Crossing Team was always there to serve the Community.
Hats off to you all, Three Cheers to Charity Crossing Volunteers, Hip Hip Hooray!💐💐💐🙏🙏🙏
To learn more, please contact info@CharityCrossing.Org