What an exceptional year for Charity Crossing and its volunteers!!! Kudos to all the volunteers for an impressive accomplishment in 2021. Many have raised their own bar to beat their 2021 accomplishment. Wishing them the best.
We had:
1 PVSA Lifetime Award recipient
26 PVSA Gold medal recipients
11 PVSA Silver medal recipients
22 PVSA Bronze medal recipients
85 Certificate recipients
16 Partner Award recipients
*PVSA = Presidents Volunteer Service Award
Congratulations to all the recipients! We are very proud of your hard work. Collectively, you all volunteered 18,473 hours (approximate conservative economic value of 277.088 dollars).
Thank you to all the volunteers and partners for your never-ending support. With your help, this year we distributed 1.4 million dollars worth of household items to those in need in our community.
To recognize and appreciate your service to the community, Charity Crossing is organizing a volunteer and partner appreciation day on March 5th, 2022. To learn more, please contact info@CharityCrossing.Org. We look forward to seeing you all there!