A record-setting weekend.
Most significant donations: 69 pallets
Longest volunteering day: 14.5 hours
Most served on a single day: 130+ families (400+ individuals)

It all started this Friday evening.  Twenty of us loaded three truckloads of donations for giveaways in Dover, Smyrna, and Glasgow park locations.
Saturday morning, more than 30 volunteers arrived at Glasgow Park as early as 6:50 am to set up the event.  After helping with the setup, a few of us went to the warehouse to receive donations. Some of these volunteers worked 14.5 hours on that day. It was a record. These volunteers unloaded and stored 69 pallets of donations.  This was a single day’s largest donation. We have lots of donations to bless the community.
The most impressive thing was the determination of the trios (10th graders Abhi, Ani, and Akash). These trios and a first volunteer, Rahul, wouldn’t stop until all donations were successfully received and stored. They were full of energy. Wow.
Sunday was a busy day for our volunteers hosting the community. Giveaways.
Enjoy some interesting photos from this weekend.
Charity Crossing thanks, volunteers and donors.