Hi, I am Vedha Kalaivanan. I am an active youth volunteer in charity crossing. As you all are aware, charity crossing is a volunteer-run organization. I will share how CC has inspired young children like me to contribute to the community we live in and how it’s positively spreading its wings in the PA region.

For the first time, our family participated in the Sunday donation serve at Wilmington in 2018. After seeing the greater influence CC was making on the underprivileged and homeless people, we started to join the socks and winter drive led by the CC team. Socks drive is close to my heart, sometimes people who receive the donations will say, “may god bless you.” Those kind words made a huge impact on me.

Even during the pandemic, CC did not slow down. CC worked with local restaurants and sponsors and donated packaged meals to hospital staff. In the summer of 2020, we were part of the Amphan cyclone relief drive, a huge project led by Priya Jayakumar. A full container was filled with 172 + donation boxes collected and sorted by young volunteers. I felt proud to be part of the team as a lead for the Malvern region; In 202, myself and my sister received the PVSA award for volunteering.

This year we had the opportunity to support the Herring Manor lead team. Working with Herring Manor residence was a great experience. With Jay uncle’s guidance, my family explored serve locations in Chester county PA. We were fortunate to partner with PACS(Phoenixville area community server). The serve are successfully held every Saturday. Through Charity Crossing, young children like myself can give back to the community every year.

I’m looking forward to continuing my volunteering journey with Charity Crossing.

Thank you,

Vedhasshya Kalaivanan