Access to affordable and safe period supplies plays an integral role in the lives of people in our community. These supplies are exactly what the Junior League of Wilmington, DE (JLW) is committed to providing through their initiative, Stand Up. Period.

The JLW strives to achieve period equity for all Delawareans by removing barriers preventing people, particularly those living in poverty, from fully participating in their daily activities due to a lack of period supplies. Those without adequate period supplies experience school and work absences, opportunity losses, and emotional distress. In addition, societal stigmas often preclude open discussions about period equity. Because of this stigma, many organizations are not yet equipped to provide period supplies. The JLW is working to directly address this unmet need, helping menstruators confidently Stand Up. Period.

Between June 2021 and May 2022, the JLW donated 26,000 products per month to their surrounding community, benefiting at least 880 people. Over a quarter of million-period products were provided to the community in one year alone!

One of those long-term partnerships is with Charity Crossing. The JLW began donating supplies to Charity Crossing in July 2021. Between July 2021 and May 2022, Charity Crossing received 2,500-period supplies monthly from the JLW, 25,000 total. The JLW has renewed its agreement with Charity Crossing for another year, and Charity Crossing is now receiving 3,000 supplies monthly. The JLW values its relationship with Charity Crossing and its extended reach to the community through its donations. Through the JLW’s partnership with Charity Crossing, the JLW can expand its fight for period equity and spearhead initiatives to bring lasting change to Delaware.