Second year in a row, Charity Crossing Volunteers (aka “troops”) along with other community Volunteers helped pack 635 stockings for our soldiers.

Thanks to Srihari for his leadership.  Thanks to parents for bringing their kids for a meaningful and fun-filled activity. It was a meaningful and fun-filled experience for kids and adults.

Judy Travis , Project Founder & Coordinator of Stockings for Soldiers, explains the right way of packing the stockings for our Soldiers. Over the next eight weeks, the volunteers will be personalizing each stocking with the recipient’s name, collecting the needed goodies, sorting all the donations, stuffing the stockings with goodies, boxing them and shipping them to troops in the remotest regions of the world. Previously, our boxes have gone to Afghanistan, Iraq, Egypt, Israel, Qatar, Kuwait, Jordan, Kosovo, Romania, Poland, Djibouti, Chad, South Korea and parts unknown.

If you like to help soldiers, please visit Stockings for Soldiers website.