Today Charity Crossing conducted the 8th quarterly blood donation drive. This initiative started two years ago when we heard about the blood shortage at the onset of Covid-19. Every quarter 5 or 6 people donated blood. On our 2nd anniversary we achieved many milestones:
2. 5 people are first-time donors ( Nicole Saville Poore, Sippi Sharma, Aarti Daga, Arun Daga, Kirti Daga )
3. 17 years old is our youngest donor Kirti Daga
4. 20 years – Veni Jayakumar has been donating blood. She has the longest streak.
5. 50+ people will benefit from today’s donation. Thank you donor for giving this life-saving gift.
DE Senator Nicole Saville Poore is interested in bringing her Legislative colleagues to CC’s next quarterly blood donation drive. Looking forward to it.
Our volunteers Anitha Sakthi and Sakthi Raghu provided hot Horlicks drinks to the donors and kept them energized and hydrated. Also, they gave volunteers emotional support when needed. Thank you Anitha Sakthi and Sakthi Raghu
Our volunteers stood by first-time donors, held their hands, and gave hugs. The volunteers did whatever it took to make it comfortable for the donors.
Thanks to Youth volunteers Aratrika Ghosh and Karthi Jayakumar for executing the drive successfully.
Thanks to Tony Prado and his colleagues at Blood Bank of Delmarva for hosting.