Two successful events. High community impact. Happy community. Great job by volunteers and donors.
*** Testimony from Goldy Parmar ***
Hi Everyone,
I couldn’t stop myself from sharing this amazing experience with you all.
After finishing our Sunday service me and my boys had gone to the mall, we were walking around and stopped at some store and was speaking to a staff member when another customer noticed my “CC” shirt and asked if I was part of the organization. I had responded by saying “yes” and she then said, “thank you for your service, I sincerely appreciate what you guys are doing.” Amazing to see others noticing and appreciating our help from outside the hicks center and Sunday service. I am glad I joined CC as this interaction truly put a smile on my face. 🙂
*** Our wonderful Volunteer ***
Mike Coleman
Chris Purnell
Goldy Parmar
Aliya Ameen
Adil Ameen
Iqra Ameen
KP Krishna Prasadh
Priya Jayakumar
Veni Jayakumar
Jay Muthukamatchi
Shil Shah
Samir Shah
Abhijeet Parmer
Abhinav Parmer
Dr. Fransico
Chantel Daunno-Brown
Iqbal Attar
Ifrah Attar
Rohan Sivva
Shailaja Sivva
Kalpana Garudadri
Tanmay Garudadri
Nishant Sagar
Medhansh Sagar
Desik Somasundaram
Anand Chandolu
Sahasra Chandolu
Rupali Langote
Sahil Langote
Chandra Dontaraju
Tanuj Dontaraju
Shrenik M Patha
Sathish Patha
*** Our Partners ***
Wilmington Police Department
New Castle County Police Department
Police Athletic League of Wilmington
Indian Hut Delaware