At the Brandywine Park in Wilmington, Charity Crossing partnered with the Latin American Community Center at their Summer Family Event to do the giveaway. Despite the fact that the weather forecast called for rain, we were fully prepared with a tent, umbrellas, and a tarp to protect the volunteers and the giveaway donations. We persevered and were able to distribute all the donations to the community. Over 300 people attended and were pleased with the giveaway with CC bags, blankets, hand sanitizers, big items such as a chandelier, exercise equipment, household appliances, home decor, playpen, bassinet, kids toys, pet accessories, stationeries, socks for all ages, various food items from Amazon and Walmart assorted clothing.

The entire Charity Crossing volunteers of this event were a joy to work with throughout this event; they were friendly, kind, joyous, and the list goes on. Few of the LACC families that were not able to communicate in English found a way to interpret their appreciation using an interpreter, also few families directly thanked Charity Crossing volunteers for their generosity and kindness, expressing their delight to see their own children beaming with the kid’s presents. The LACC coordinators were exceptionally upbeat to partner with Charity Crossing on holding a really fruitful occasion.
Much appreciated to Charity Crossing and 3 cheers to Faisal Ameen, Iqra Ameen, Varun Rao, Preeti Rao, Harish Mysore, Madhavi Kanekal, Sivakumar Valagurusamy, Kavitha Sivakumar, Rujul Sivakumar, Janya Sivakumar, Ranjit Rathinam, Rahul Rathinam, and Ritika Rathinam for all the coordination, support and helping each other throughout the entire event.

Special thanks to Aliya Ameen(Vaishali) for planning and coordinating with the LACC coordinator for this event, making this event very successful and lots of Happy faces. Special thanks to Jay Muthukamatchi for support and inspiration, this event would not have been conceivable and for that all the volunteers are grateful. Veni Jayakumar for making sure all volunteers are treated with banana bread and muffins.

Charity Crossing would like to extend a grateful thanks to the Latin American Community Center for making us part of the Family Summer party.