Charity Crossing Inc (CC) and its volunteers are providing a supply-chain solution to major retailers. In the month of June CC received 3+ truckloads (more than  72 Pallets) of donated merchandise from various retailers.  These are excess inventory or customer returned inventory, which most likely would have gone to landfill.  volunteers sort, pack, and distribute them to the community members. In doing so, we are helping those in need in our community (please see attached photos) and Mother Nature.  We hope to repurpose at least 30 truckloads by year-end.

This weekend alone we distributed at least 12 pallets of donations; at least 750 people benefitted from this distribution. By finding new homes for these merchandise, we prevented them from going to landfills. (#repurpose #reducewaste)

If you are passionate about helping the struggling communities and caring for mother nature, please reach out to Charity Crossing Inc.