Our 6th Annual Autism Understanding and Acceptance Walk.

Charity Crossing thanks all of you for walking in support of individuals in the Autism spectrum.

With each step, we promised ourselves that we would be more understanding, more accepting, and more inclusive of individuals in the Autism spectrum and their supporting families and friends.
Together we raised $845 in critical funding for Autism Delaware to continue their amazing work with the Autism community in Delaware.

In our giveaway, we supported 500+ community members, helped them save valuable income, and brought a smile to their faces.
Please enjoy these pics from the event. Thank you!
#walkforautismde #netde

CC recognizes Mukul Sharma’s leadership in planning and executing this event. Well done, Mukul.

CC recognizes all its volunteers who participated in this annual event. Well done, Team CC.

Photo courtesy: @Aliyu Mohamad. Thank you, Aliyu.