This video is presented by Charity Crossing, a volunteer-led organization that aspires to help the community around us.

This past summer, Charity Crossing and its volunteers have helped hundreds, if not thousands, of families in the community through countless giveaways, distributions, donations, and much more!

Over these three months, incredible initiatives were started, some of which include Coding Buddies, a youth-led initiative that allowed kids to learn to code over the summer,  Ready to Read, a program that allowed hundreds of kids to gain access to laptops and other devices that made sure that everyone always had resources to learn, as well as mother’s and father’s day goodie bags that made countless parents’ day! Many of these initiatives were led by youth volunteers, who spent hundreds of hours working on these projects and dedicated tons of time to helping the community! 

This summer, numerous new distribution centers were opened, including a new Herring Manor Location, the PACS Location, the new Claymont Location, the Extended Hand Ministries giveaway location, the LJBC location, the Franklin Township Location, the Glasgow Park monthly giveaways, and many more! Starting an entirely new location to serve the community isn’t easy. It requires hours of communication, planning, and numerous volunteers, and each has its own stories of dedicated volunteering and organization. Not only this, but CC continued to run the Hicks, Rosehill, MOT, ICH, Smyrna, and Herlihy Locations. Through these centers, CC can hold dozens of weekly serves, continuously helping the community by giving to hundreds in need. 

Finally, this summer, Charity Crossing held many special events, ranging from painting the highway to giving away school supplies for the upcoming year! Other special events this summer include three blood drives, with volunteers as young as 18 donating blood, allowing Charity Crossing to help save lives. 

Through all these events, Charity Crossing was able to help thousands of people and allowed volunteers to help those around them and make the world a better place. However, none of this would be possible without the hundreds of dedicated volunteers, organizers, donors, and the various people who allow Charity Crossing to grow and become a truly valuable part of the community.