Charity Crossings’ quarterly blood drive for 2021 is completed! Thank you to Jay Muthukamatchi, Veni Jayakumar, Nisha Umesh, and Baranidharan Radhakrishnan for donating this time around. It’s great to see people donating especially during COVID.

Here is what Nisha Umesh has posted after donating:

“Hello people !! This is Nisha Umesh from Delaware. So you must have noticed the picture I’ve posted. You guessed it right, yes I’ve volunteered to donate blood. You know something this will forever be etched in my heart!!! A remarkable and significant day of my life I should say. First of all, I would like to thank my better half, Mr. Umesh Katar. The man behind my good deeds who supports all my initiatives. Very much thankful to Jay Muthukamatchi, Veni Jayakumar, and Aratarika. Special thanks to Mr.Baranidharan Radhakrishnan. I developed the same fear everybody has at the sight of the syringe. I really had a tough time, as the nurse found it difficult to fetch the vein. Multiple trials were made to complete the process. Amidst all the physical stress I didn’t lose hope and was undoubtedly adamant in volunteering myself as a blood donor. In my view, humanity is not the best quality but a basic quality. Evolving as a donor I raise the status of humanity. I hope my testimonial inspires at least a few who are reading this. It’s my humble request, do become a donor if the opportunity permits. Break all stereotypes, hesitancy, hatred and save humanity.”

This post is truly heartwarming and shows how giving back to your community is amazing for yourself and others.