Our candy drive was a great success. Today we had an unique opportunity to serve our soldiers who serve our country. 8 of us (Hari, Saathvik, Sravan, Priya, Veni, Jay, Akshath, Vijay) went to help pack the stockings for soldiers and we were part of the team that made 840 packages today for our beloved soldiers. It was so much fun and satisfying. Akshath was the youngest volunteer today who helped stuff the stockings. Saathvik came to help inspite of his drama preparation for a cultural event this afternoon. He glued and applied glitter to more than 200 stockings today. Sravan came all the way from NewJersey and spent his Saturday for a greater cause. He took care of checking in all the finished packages. Priya not only conducted a candy drive at Caravel Academy, she also came and volunteered today with packing the stockings. She was in charge of giving the greeting cards to go inside each stocking. These youth volunteers were working non-stop for the whole time. Hats off to you all. At the end we had a chance to watch the demo by our Delaware State Police K-9 division. It was very interesting and informative. We were given an opportunity to get into the police van and check it out.

From our organization we took a big shopping cart full of candies. We will be distributing remaining candies tomorrow to the people of Wilmington and Elkton during our serves. With this our candy dri

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