We, நலம் நல்கும் நண்பர்கள் (Well Wishing Friends), deeply saddened by the destruction caused by cyclone Gaja in the Delta Region in Tamilnadu. We convey our sympathy to cyclone victims. The photos and videos from the disastrous cyclone broke our heart. We wanted to help the victims. We adopted 6 villages (#1. Kallimedu, #2. Avarikadu, #3. Nagakudaiyan. #4. Thamaraipulam, #5. Sembodai, and #6. Naluvethapathy) in Nagai district.
Our group has 143 volunteers that includes NRIs and NGOs. To date, we have successfully distributed Rs. 60 Lakhs worth of relief materials to more than 3,747 families in those 6 villages with the help of local volunteers.
We have started rehabilitation initiative such as building homes and planting trees, etc. We are reaching out to your office to explore the possibility to partner with the Government to maximize the benefits to the victims.

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