Congratulations to all donors and volunteers!!!

Today we successfully sent the container with relief materials to Kerala flood victims. It was an 8 weeks journey during which we collected 180 boxes of materials worth $45,002. It is an amazing experience which was made possible by the compassionate people in this group.

Twenty-two (22) volunteers helped load the container. With their help we were able to load 180 boxes in less than an hour. Our sincere thanks from bottom of our hearts to all those who took time off and came during the working day. Special thanks to Senator Anthony Delcollo for taking time to come and work with us for this humanitarian cause. We appreciate Senator Delcollo’s support from distributing the flyers till the end of loading the container. Mother nature blessed us with nice weather as well. Now we wish and pray for the container to reach Kochin safe and on time to help the flood victims. This will be my final posting for this project. Signing off for now…

Helping Hands Organisation distributing donations from Charity Crossing.

Thank you Jolly Johnson for your leadership ensuring successful distributions.

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