Hi Everyone, Charity Crossing’s quarterly blood donation drive is coming up. This is an amazing way to make a positive impact in your community, especially during COVID-19. In order to register and donate click this link (please remember to click on Crossing Crossing on the drop-down list), you will then be directed to the appointment page. Or call 1.888.825.6638:

For additional information contact: Aratrika Ghosh 302 276 5594.

Again thank you to everyone who is donating this is an incredible thing to do!!
Charity Crossing Youth Lead
Aratrika Ghosh

The blood supply in Delmarva has been crippled by Covid-19. While we work and learn from home, organizations and schools have been unable to support blood drives and encourage their workforce and students to make blood donations. Blood Bank of Delmarva is trying to keep pace with patient demand but needs immediate help from all eligible donors. The blood center is running community blood drives and also has multiple donor centers operating 7 days a week. All-State, Federal, and FDA guidelines are being strictly followed to ensure the safety of blood donors and the BBD staff. Nearly 350 donations are needed each day for Delmarva hospitals and the blood center is substantially short in donations necessary to maintain patient care.

Please strongly consider donating by finding a donation location near you.

You can schedule an appointment to donate blood anytime from Jan 23rd to Jan 30th Click Here. In the drop-down click on Charity Crossing and hit the submit button, you will then be directed to the appointment page. Or call 1.888.825.6638


Walk-ins will be accommodated if capacity permits.

To learn more about the importance of donating at this time and to answer your questions regarding COVID-19, please visit www.delmarvablood.org/coronavirus.

• Must wear a mask or face covering
• Will have their temperature taken
• Must be 14 days symptom-free if recovered from COVID-19
• May NOT donate if they have a positive diagnostic test or experienced symptoms of COVID-19 in the last 14 days
• May NOT donate if they are currently on self-quarantine restrictions

Blood Bank of Delmarva does not test for COVID-19. Please contact your health care provider if you want to be tested.