It was a Saturday morning. It was 32 degrees. These youth volunteers, age six and up, woke up early morning, probably around 6 am, got ready, and reported to serve the community at 7:45 am.  They happily volunteered and served 120 community members for the next four hours.  So proud of these youth volunteers for their passion and commitment to helping the community.

Apologies for missing out on a few volunteers.

Here are testimonials from community members say about these Amazing Youth Volunteers:

  • Rahima said, “Well done to our youth volunteers. They’re doing an outstanding job!”
  • Lupita said, “These kids.  Damn, they put us all to shame.  Maybe it’s because I can’t think of many things motivating me to wake up SUPER early on the weekend and serve at FREEZING temperatures. And volunteering is my thing, right? I don’t think my parents could have motivated- forced me, or bribed me enough to do what these kiddos do on a regular base voluntarily. Maybe I am just so impressed and so excited at the idea of what they will be able to accomplish as adults, given the level of motivation, love, and discipline that they already have at this age.  Just blown away. I applaud their parents for being excellent teachers and role models cause that’s where it starts, and I hope that as my kiddos get older, they have a little of what these kids are already demonstrating.  So inspired. So appreciative. Just WOW!!!  Keep up the amazing work Charity Crossing. You guys are sincerely changing so many lives.”
  • Tina Said, “I have experienced firsthand the ongoing work of Charity Crossing youth volunteers. Their generous energy and time contributed to this volunteer work is incredible. Their spirits are uplifting, and I admire their enthusiasm. Great job leading these youth Jay and his team. Can’t wait to see you all again.”
  • Yogesh said, “super.”
  • த.பாலகிருட்டிணன் said, “வாழ்த்துக்கள்.   இளைய சமுதாயமே…”
  • Jeany said, “Amazing young people smiling too!”
  • Paul said, “Teaching them young guarantees a lifetime of service. Well done.”