Half Year update: PVSA and Volunteer of the Year Award

Dear Team, We have completed almost half a year. I like to take this opportunity to give you an update about the great things we have done this year and remind you about PVSA as well as the Volunteer of the year award.

First and foremost, we have volunteered an impressive 7,500 hours as of June 19th. We still have another half year to go. At this rate, we will end the year with nearly 15,000 volunteer hours. As of now, we have been serving at 13 different locations every week. We are continuing to hold at least 2 special events every month. On average we have been serving 400 to 600 people every week. Remember, we mostly serve families. We are continuing to add new serve locations. Happy Volunteering.

CC volunteers are eligible for President Volunteer Service Award. CC will nominate you if you qualify. You must be a green card holder or Citizen to qualify. Also, there are minimum volunteer hours required to earn medals in various categories. So, please check the eligibility criteria at https://presidentialserviceawards.gov/eligibility and work toward it.

I have been observing as well as collecting field feedback to select the Volunteer of the year award winners. Here is where we stand:
a) Adult: two candidates are doing standing out. They are not just doing awesome work but also demonstrating CC values.
b) Teen Adult (16 to 25): One candidate is standing out.
c) Kids (6 to 15): open.

You all have 6 more months. The race is on. Anything can happen between now and the end of the year. Please check out the selection metrics at

Nominate 2022 CC Volunteer of the Year Award

If you have questions, please contact Veni Jayakumar or Jay Muthukamatchi