Every day brings us a new experience and pushes us into new territory.
Yesterday mid-morning, one of the community members messaged us about donating formula. We responded yes and asked for product information and expiry date. While we were waiting for their reply, someone rang the doorbell that afternoon. They delivered these “Tube Feeding” food products. They said they didn’t need them anymore, the insurance company won’t take them back, and the insurance company continues to deliver them. They didn’t want to throw them away. For over 2 months, these products were stuck in their dining room. They had a hard time finding a place to donate. They were so happy to donate these products to us.
Oh Boy! For a short while, we didn’t know what to do with that.
That afternoon, we messaged our contacts. One of them responded, “Yes.” Today evening all these food products are being delivered to a deserving young man on tube feeding. The young man is in his 20s with special needs. Our heart is filled with happiness knowing that we were able to play a small role in this young man’s life.

Please join us in wishing him well.

What is tube feeding?

Tube feeding is a therapy where a feeding tube supplies nutrients to people who cannot get enough nutrition through eating. A flexible tube is inserted through the nose or belly area to provide nutrients by delivering liquid nutrition directly into the stomach or small intestine.


Doctors usually insert the tube while you are in the hospital, but you may continue to use it outside the hospital, at home, or in a nursing facility.
Tube feeding is also known as enteral nutrition and if provided at home, is termed home enteral nutrition (HEN).