Hello Friends!

Diwali 2019 in Delaware was a historical day for the Delaware Indo-Americans. Delaware Governor Carney, Lt. Governor Hall, and Delaware legislators passed Senate Bill 53 to recognize Indo-Americans contribution to Delaware. Senate Bill 53 for the first time allowed Indo-Americans to buy or sell fireworks 30 days before Diwali Day and use them on Diwali Day in Delaware. Our heartfelt thanks to Governor, Lt. Governor, and Delaware Legislators for making this dream a reality.

For the first time Indo-Americans in Delaware were able to enjoy fireworks from their home. In addition to fireworks, Indo-Americans celebrated Diwali enjoying delicious food, visiting friends, and visiting the temple. Also, the community raised $4,000 toward installing water fountain in Glasgow Park to reduce use of single use plastics.

Also, you will get the opportunity to connect with diverse Delaware community members. Let’s get to know each other. You will also be able to meet and greet with your county and state legislators as well as participate in Q & A with your legislators.