Charity Crossing kicked off cyclone Amphan relief drive amid COVID-19 pandemic to help the cyclone Amphan victims in West Bengal, India. This initiative was lead and organized by CC Youth Volunteers. They stayed focused on their mission. They took appropriate safety precautions. About 8 weeks later they successfully shipped the relief container to West Bengal. Please watch this short video that shows an amazing story that played out during the past 8 weeks.

The salient features of this initiative:

a) $42,777 – Conservation estimate of the donations

b) 12,096 – no of items shipped

c) 172 – no of boxes shipped

d) More than 30 youth volunteers passionately worked for over 8 weeks to collect, sort, and pack these donations.

e) 1,124 miles – the farthest distance from where the donations were shipped

f) every volunteer maintained social distancing and wore masks despite the hot summer days.

g) the garage, where sorting happened, was so hot, yet, the volunteers never gave up sorting and packing.

h) 5-year-old – youngest youth-volunteer

The participating youth volunteers learned leadership, teamwork, networking, communication, compassion, commitment, survival during a pandemic, and so on.

Thank you, Volunteers, Donors, Sponsors, and Parents for your support.