About 40 volunteers worked energetically for over 5 hours. They labeled nearly 3,000 containers, transferred over 600 Gallons (76,800 oz) of hand sanitizer from the drums to smaller Gallon containers. We are impressed with how seamlessly and effectively they worked together in this initiative. The retail value of today’s distribution will be in the range of $12,000 to $18,000. It really feels awesome to feel that we were able to help so many community members today.

Thank you, County Executive Matthew Meyer, Councilman David L. Tackett, and NCC Officer Ken Dunn Sr. for your help throughout this initiative including providing NCC facility for receiving, storing, and distributing the hand sanitizers.

Thank you, Anika Mundalmani, youth volunteer, for her help with event organizing and coordination.

Thank you, Marty Brett and his friends, Srini Lokula, Raje Singh for their help with pumping.

Thank you to FEMA Federal Emergency Management Agency for arranging Hand Sanitizer donation. Thank you Pernod Ricard for donating the Hand Sanitizers.

Our Amazing Volunteers:
County Executive Matthew Meyer
County Councilman David L. Tackett
NCC Officer Ken Dunn Sr.
Anika Mundalmani, Rashmi Mundalmani-Damany, Ritika
Shobhana Sathish, Kaavya
Sudha Guduri
Priya Jayakumar
Veni Jayakumar
Jay Muthukamatchi
Edwin Chrisostam, Nithila Chrisostam
Adhya Anilkumar
Vedha Kalai, Kalaivanan Uthirapathy
Rupali Langote, Sahil Langote
Raje Singh, Srini Lokula
Gokul Raman, Shreya Gokul
Alekya Rao
Srinivasa Rao Danduri, Varsha Danduri
Megha Hariharan
Gobinathan Palanichamy, Ashvika Gobi
Raj Karpurapu, Lalit, and Karthik
Tarika Selvaraj, Shannon Bosche, Gianna Scarpinato, Kiana Sautter
LaShanda Wooten
Linda Ziegler
Marty Brett and Friends