Author: Melissa Skabich, PCE Communications

Charity Crossing partners with Good360, the global leader in product philanthropy and purposeful giving, to distribute essential items to needy people. Good360 closely aligns with Charity Crossing’s eco-friendly mission, and in 2022 the organization extended the useful lives of more than 11,000 truckloads of goods, ensuring that more than 175 million pounds of essential items didn’t end up in landfills.

Good360’s mission is to close the need gap. The organization partners with some of the world’s largest corporations to source essential goods and distribute them through their network of diverse nonprofits, supporting people in need to open opportunities for all. As these needs are being felt acutely around the world, socially responsible companies with an abundance of goods are looking for a better way to give back. That’s where Good360 comes in. Corporate partners donate a wide range of new or like-new items, including housewares, hygiene products, shoes, and toys, and Good360’s network of more than 100,000 vetted nonprofits to get access to goods they can distribute on behalf of their communities, allowing people in need to reach their full potential.

Charity Crossing (CC) has sourced products from Good360 corporate donors, including household items, toys, school supplies, clothing, and hygiene products. These items have been distributed to many thousands of families. In 2017 CC received its first set of donations, which helped a few hundred families. Our relationship started to grow. In 2022, we received nearly 50 truckloads of donations from Good360, which CC distributed to 10,000 families.

In 2022, Good360 distributed more than $2 billion in essential items to 22 million people in need. With a milestone anniversary on the horizon, 2023 marks 40 years of closing the need gap, reinforcing Good360’s decades-long commitment to bridging the ever-widening gap between those with plenty and those without enough to get by.

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