Jay and I had an unique experience on Dec 7th 2019 at Elaina’s Blessings Foundation’s Holiday Give Away Event at Middletown. It was amazing to see all the happy faces. Hats off to Elaina’s Blessings Foundation! They had organized so wonderfully for each family to have their private shopping time. The founder Susan, coordinator Mrs. Julie McMullen and their staff worked tirelessly for last few days and put together things each family requested. They had timeslots for few families at a time which avoided chaotic crowd and people were able to shop peacefully. They had stations setup for several types of items that people can choose from. We were able to interact with people who came and shared the spirit of Holidays! They had also setup a professional photo booth on stage where each family was able to take a holiday portrait and walked out with a framed holiday picture. Thanks to Vera from LaMarche Photo for your free service to the community.

We took socks and other donations we received for today’s distribution. Thanks Dana Dana Caldwell Davis for the cute souvenir things, people were excited to take them. They were well received and appreciated. Thanks to our Charity Crossing volunteer Padma Pradeepa who brought lots of donations and participated with her 5 year old son. Thanks Padma!

We also had an opportunity to meet the 73 old Shirley Connors whom we are adopting for this holiday season. She is a simple human who is appreciative of what she has. It was sad to see her with a broken eye glasses she was wearing. She was little shy to take picture with us. I comforted her that beauty lies in our hearts in regards to what we do and what we stand for. She was emotional to hear that we are able to help her celebrate this holiday merrily.