Dear CC Volunteers and Donors,

Often our elderly and disabled are often a forgotten class of people. They either live meagerly only with social security which puts them at or below poverty level. Sadly, there are many more that must decide “do I pay for heat, my medicine, or food?” These are questions they face often in their daily life. One such family is Shirley, whom CC board choose to adopt this holiday season to bring some cheer. Our donors, Aarti, Vaishali, and Arun have delivered lots of grocery today. The grandma, will take what she needs and share the excess with the other needy families. Please see attached photos for more information about this family.

In addition, we have received 21 requests requesting for help. CC board has approved to give up to $50 for each family.

If your family would like help through this program you can donate by clicking the link below.  If you need more information please contact Veni Jayakumar at

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