Please use the Volunteer Timesheet Form (see below) to log your service hours.  We recommend that you submit your timesheet while the work is fresh in your mind.  Please remember to provide as much detailed description of your service as possible.  It will help the CC-admin to approve your service log. Once a month, CC-Admin will email a summary report to you for your review and reconciliation.

Volunteer activities that are eligible for Service hours:

a) CC organized Community Service or community giveaway events
b) CC organized/partnered drives (Food Drive, Hygiene Drive, Socks Drive, Blood Donation Drive, Candy Drive, and Holiday Drive)
c) CC partnered events (Stockings for Soldiers)
d) CC event planning and execution administrative activities
e) CC digital team activities

Benefits of Logging Volunteer Hours:
a) Demonstrate Accountability
b) Understand the value of Volunteers
c) Win Grants
d) Improve Program ROI
e) Share Program Impact

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